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Whether it’s routine cleanings, cosmetic enhancements, or restorative procedures, we’re dedicated to achieving stunning results that will leave you beaming.

Surgical & Cosmetic Procedures

Our skilled oral surgeons provide a spectrum of dental surgical and cosmetic procedures with precision and care. Whether you require wisdom teeth extractions, crowns, dentures, dental implants, or other treatments, our team prioritises your comfort and safety, guaranteeing a seamless and painless experience.

Oral Health Promotion

Our Oral Health Promotion services focus on proactive measures to keep your smile in optimal condition. Our team of experts offers guidance on dietary choices, lifestyle habits, and personalized oral care routines to prevent dental problems before they start.

Dental Outreach

This is a testament to our commitment to community well-being. We take dental care beyond the clinic walls, reaching underserved areas and populations in need. We bridge the gap to healthier smiles, one neighbourhood at a time.

Empowering Dentists

Our innovative Dental Infrastructure as a Service enables dentists to deliver top-notch care by providing access to our modern clinic or renting our advanced mobile dental equipment without the hassle and cost of trying to set up your own practice.

Exclusive Community

OgaDentist offers more than just a dental visit; it’s an invitation to an exclusive community where you can receive dental care at any of our expanding network of practices. Begin your journey at one location and seamlessly continue at another. Plus, with your membership card, unlock access to a world of wellness and lifestyle benefits.

Industry Insights

We are pioneering data-driven decision-making and policy formulation in the African dental industry through a combination of synthesising existing academic research, conducting market-centric analysis, and driving pragmatic industry intelligence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is scaling and polishing?

Scaling and Polishing is a dental procedure that removes stains and calculus (cream colour stains in between and around the teeth) from your teeth. It is healthy and has no side effects. It ensures your teeth are healthy, prevents or treats mouth odour, protects your teeth from holes (dental caries) and also gives you whiter teeth!

I brush regularly, I don’t have any issues with my teeth, why should I see a dentist?

Scaling and Polishing is preventive in nature. You don’t have to wait till you have issues. Moreover, the stains removed during scaling and polishing cannot be removed by regular tooth brushing. Also, when holes are detected early, they can be filled in a very simple way. Don’t wait till you start having pains. Holes can be detected early by your dentist during routine check-up before your scaling and polishing.

What if I already have holes on my teeth or other dental issues?

Don’t self-medicate, it does a lot of harm to the tooth. The earlier it’s treated, the better. You need to see a dentist. Don’t be scared. Dental treatments do not have to be painful or messy. We particularly have a reputation of giving our patients a memorable and pain-free dental experience.

I don’t have the time to visit a dentist and I heard the treatments are expensive?

What about the dentist visiting you at home or your office? Exciting right? We can even bring an outreach to your organization, church or school anywhere in the country for general check-up, health talk and(or) treatments. We offer a wide range of dental services at your comfort or at our clinic. Our rates are affordable and you get a top-notch excellent experience.

What if teeth are scattered, spaced or crowded, how do I fix it?

These can be remedied through orthodontic treatment during which you might need to wear braces; you don’t have to extract your teeth! Just reach out to us here. We would determine the best course of treatment after proper examination.

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