Six Common Mouth Disorders that Expose Silent Threats in the Body

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The mouth is not just a gateway for food and drink; it’s also a window into our health. Surprisingly, your dentist can detect various medical conditions simply by examining some common mouth disorders in your oral health. In this blog, we will explore six of them that only your dentist might find. We will also […]

4 Options for Optimal Dental Care During COVID-19

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Has COVID-19 gotten the better of your dental health?

From the moment the SARS-COV-2 generally known as COVID-19 broke out, we have had to adapt in many aspects of our lives. We have had to change our personal goals, our career plans, even our health plans!

6 Ways to Fix a Broken Tooth

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If you have a broken tooth or know someone who does, it must have crossed your mind to know whether it is fixable. Before we go any further, we have three answers for you. The first answer is yes, the second answer yes, and (yes, you guessed right!) the third answer is yes! That’s a lot of yes-es.