Teeth Whitening: 7 Things You Should Know

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Your teeth are like sponges. Just like your skin, they absorb stains.
You brush regularly and properly. You floss and clean in-between your teeth every day. But you still do not like the ‘yellowish’ coloration of your teeth and you are considering making them whiter and whiter; you are considering teeth whitening.


Teeth sensitivity

Pain in your teeth while you try to take ice-cream or hot tea, sweet stuffs or just cold water? That may just be tooth sensitivity. Read on!


Healthy teeth

Having shining white set of teeth does not translate into having a healthy teeth. Have your teeth heathy first, before you have them whitened. Your healthy pearly whites are what make your smile magnetic as well as charming.

4 Options for Optimal Dental Care During COVID-19

COVID 19 OgaDentist

Has COVID-19 gotten the better of your dental health?

From the moment the SARS-COV-2 generally known as COVID-19 broke out, we have had to adapt in many aspects of our lives. We have had to change our personal goals, our career plans, even our health plans!

Are Bad Teeth Hereditary?

Bad Teeth OgaDentist

Can bad teeth run in a family?
Sometimes we see people with bad oral hygiene habits go pain and decay free; and individuals with good oral hygiene habits come down with tooth decay. This may lead you to also ask if the cause of your tooth decay may be beyond your control.